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Ori 918Kiss is back. Woohoo!

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

If you have been paying attention online, you will surely know 918Kiss has been under maintenance since early June this year. Good news is maintenance is OVER! You can now start playing favourite online casino app 918Kiss on your Android phones. Bad news for iPhone owners though, iOS security updates resulted in 918Kiss app unplayable and there is still no workaround on that.

For those who still haven't know, 918Kiss is the most trusted online casino in Malaysia, it features tons of online entertainment content ranging from slot games, fishing games to unique live table experiences such as poker games, roulette, blackjack and baccarat. No matter what kind of games you are looking for, you have come to the right place with 918Kiss. As of 2020, 918Kiss boasts tens of thousands of concurrent players, making it one of the largest and fastest growing online casino in the Asian market. 

918Kiss has so many games to choose from it will take a lifetime to finish playing all of them. The slot game section at 918Kiss is especially large, it has a collection of more than a hundred entries, and the collection is growing larger and larger each day. 918Kiss draws their games from prominent sources, the online software providers that has partnered up with 918Kiss include Mega888, Pussy888, ACE333, 918Kaya and Joker. Reviews for these software providers have been nothing but positive, they are certainly reputable, especially in the Southeast Asian community. The games at 918Kiss are constantly updated so you can bet that you will always stay entertained as long as you are with 918Kiss.

The games at 918Kiss are all extremely fun to play. 918Kiss only provides the most top quality games to their patrons, all of them are curated to the customers’ taste. It does not matter what your preference is, 918Kiss will surely has the right thing for you. The gameplay mechanics are all so interesting, the visual design is appealing and the hardware support is top notch, besides, 918Kiss is constantly reinventing the wheel and setting new standards for the online casino market,  they always offer something fresh to the table. 

If you are interested in joining 918Kiss, you better sign up today so you can seize the chance to claim the welcome bonus for new members. Hurry up, lots of free credits giveaways await you. You can choose to register an account on the 918kiss official website or by downloading the app available on both Google and Apple play store. The other way to download 918Kiss would be through a third party download site at The site is a trusted download platform, and it serves as an alternative for players who had found themselves region locked from accessing the 918kiss app through the app stores due to certain gambling laws and restrictions. 


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